About AlphaKernel

We are a dynamic and innovative provider for the most up-to-date Enterprise Cloud in Asset Finance

We are the Enterprise Cloud solution for asset finance companies

Being inseparable from the internet enables us to deliver lightning-fast innovation and provide our users with immediate access to any launch or update. Fast growing and cost-savvy asset finance firms rely on Alphakernel’s scalability, efficiency and robust security.

We help asset finance companies make better business decisions

We want leading firms in asset finance to decide their strategy and business approach and manage their relationships with partners and customers while we provide the hands-off solution that enables a smooth execution of those strategies.

We are a Hong Kong company with a focus on Asia

We are an enthusiastic team committed to delivering an excellent system to our clients. Our goal is to make a difference in providing user-friendly and appealing solutions. We like to pay attention to the details and create alpha value for our customers while running our algorithms on superior cloud computing infrastructure in the background.

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